Variable/constant flow device with display BVAVd

Quick facts

  • Sizes Ø100 mm to Ø630 mm
  • Low min. air flow
  • Display showing current air flow
  • Max. and min. air flow can be set on site
  • Calibrated before delivery
  • Available in MagiCAD


BVAVd is based on our well-tried air flow device with actuator eFLOW, with regulator, pressure sensor and display. The regulator has a wider working range that allows you to choose a low min. air flow. The display shows current air flow, but also max. and min. air flow settings, actual value output etc. Max. and min. settings can be made directly on the actuator with built-in potentiometers. BVAVd can be used for variable air flow with 2-10V alt. 0-10V control signal or for constant air flow. BVAVd is available with Modbus-communication as option.



No documentation available