Variable/constant flow device , complete with actuator, control unit and measuring device.

Quick facts

  • Sizes Ø100 mm to Ø630 mm
  • Compact model. Dynamic pressure sensor.
  • Max and min. air flow calibrated before delivery
  • Max. and min. air flow can be adjusted on site with mobile phone (NFC) or a handheld ZTH unit
  • Available in MagiCad


BVAV-2 is a variable/constant air flow device, complete with actuator, control unit and measuring device.  The device will be delivered with minimum and maximum flows calibrated according to the selected values. The flows can be adjusted manually using a handheld ZTH unit, or with a mobile phone (NFC).

BVAV-2 can be ordered in combination with several different communication alternatives, sucha s Modub RTU, BACnet MS/TP and KNX.



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Temperature regulator