Different requirements; different outer wall louvres. Bevent Rasch offers both rectangular and circular louvres designed for normal conditions; these are suitable for industrial applications, placements that are exposed to the elements, water-separation purposes, and sound absorption. We also manufacture protective louvres and access-protection measures. In terms of both functional aspects and appearance, our products are designed and produced based on our clients’ needs.

Outer wall louvres

Non-return dampers

Wire mesh louvres

Burglary Resistant Louvres

Standard colours

Outer wall louvres


Simple cast aluminium grille for intake or exhaust air


Louvre with or without heating cable


Soundproofing outer wall louvre


Heavy-duty outer wall louvre


Standard outer wall louvre


Louvre with circular connection


Aluminum louvre for intake and exhaust air

Non-return dampers


With spiro connection for installation in vertical upflow only


For installation in the wall or in circular horizontal ducts


For installation in the wall or in horizontal rectangular ducts

Wire mesh louvres


Rectangular protective louvre for duct end installation with wire mesh


Circular protective louvre for duct end installation with welded wire mesh

Burglary Resistant Louvres


Tested according to EN 1627:2011 RC4

Standard colours

Undefined standard colour

RAL 9005
Gloss 30

Jet black

RAL 7021
Gloss 80

Black grey

RAL 7011
Gloss 80

Iron grey

RAL 7004
Gloss 80

Signal grey

RAL 7038
Gloss 80

Agate grey

RAL 7040
Gloss 80

Window grey

RAL 7044
Gloss 80

Silk grey

RAL 9002
Gloss 80

Grey white

RAL 9010
Gloss 80

Pure white

RAL 6021
Gloss 80

Pale green

RAL 8017
Gloss 80

Chocolate brown

RAL 9006
Gloss 80

White aluminium

RAL 3009
Gloss 80

Oxide red

RAL 8004
Gloss 80

Copper brown

RAL 7024
Gloss 80

Graphite grey

RAL 9003
Gloss 80

Signal white

RAL 9007
Gloss 80

Grey aluminium