Fire damper RABC-VAV

RABC-VAV is both a CE-certified fire damper E60 and a variabel-/constant flow damper. This combination of two functions solves both fire separation and VAV-flow control in the same damper.

Quick facts

  • Fire resistance class E60
  • Sizes from 100 mm to 630 mm
  • Prefitted safety actuator 24V
  • Installation in ducts
  • Available in MagiCAD
  • CE-marked building product according to 15650:2010


CE-certified fire damper preventing combustion gases from spreading where ventilation ducts pass through fire cell separating building elements or for placement after air handling units, serving more than one fire cell.


RABC-VAV is supplied complete with factory mounted, maintenance-free, 24V electric safety actuator with thermal sensor featuring built-in signal contacts to indicate the damper position.

RABC-VAV is prepared to be over insulated 50 mm. Controll signal from regulator giving 2-10V/0-10V DC output. At power failure (fire), the damper closes using the actuator spring return.


Variable air volume reduces energy consumption for fans, heating, cooling and reduces filter costs. The dampers are controlled by 2-10V/0-10V signal from for example temperature or CO2 sensors. Max and min air flows or constant air flow is calibrated and verified before delivery. The controll gives an output signal of 2-10V/0-10V depending on air flow. 2-10V is a default setting. To controll the damper by 0-10V, this needs to be stated when ordering.




Temperature regulator


Damper module


Central Unit


Room detector


Duct detector