Circular fire damper RABC-VAP

Bevent Rasch has developed a fire damper for fire resistance class E60 / E120S which is used for constant pressure retention in all types of ventilation plants whilst providing full protection against the spread of smoke.

Quick facts

  • Fire resistance class E60 / E120S
  • Complete protection against spread of smoke
  • Sizes from 100 mm to 630 mm
  • Fitted regulating safety actuator 24V
  • Duct mounted
  • Easy constant pressure retention
  • Available in MagiCAD
  • CE-marked building product in accordance with 15650:2010


Damper in combination with walls or joists for fire-sectioning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations in buildings. In accordance with the harmonised European Standard EN 15650:2010. Smoke spread is prevented when the damper system design in accordance with the associated documentation, assembly and fitting instructions is used in combination with smoke detectors and the MRB (or equivalent) monitoring system. No further measures against the spread of smoke are required. As the damper functions as a constant pressure retention damper, both these functions are combined in the same damper. This saves time, space and money for installations in, for example, hotels, office and shopping complexes, where the need for several functions is relevant.


RABC-VAP is supplied complete with a factory mounted, maintenance-free, 24 V electric safety actuator with thermal sensor featuring built-in signal contacts to indicate the damper position. RABC-VAP is supplied prepared for possible overinsulation of 50 mm. RABC-VAP is supplied calibrated from the factory. Nominal pressure is 100 Pa or 300 Pa depending on the pressure sensor’s range of measurement. Desired reference values are set using the regulator’s potentiometer between 30-100% of nominal pressure. The reference value can be remotely set with a 2-10V signal from the DUC, for example. The device can be force-controlled to different operational requirements. In case of of a power failure, the damper closes with actuator spring return.




Damper module


Room detector


Duct detector