Duct detector RCKD

Indication of smoke in ventilation ducts.

Quick facts

  • Smoke detector for installation in ventilation ducts
  • Optical detector head
  • Indication of a dirty detector head
  • 0,6 m aluminium venturi pipe included


Indication of smoke in ventilation ducts.


Detector for installation in ventilation ducts, with optical detector head, encapsulation and venturi pipe. RCKD gives indication of a dirty detector head. Power supply is from the control panel or control unit.


The smoke detector has an optical detector head. It also has an LED with two functions:

  • red light indicates a tripped detector (detector, encapsulation)
  • dirty detector is indicated with a green light
    (detector) or yellow light (encapsulation)

The detectors must be under continuous observation and must be cleaned at regular intervals to avoid false alarms. The detector head is easy to change thanks to its bayonet fastening to the base. For detection in ventilation ducts, the detector head is mounted in an adaptor. One venturi pipe is then installed between the adapter and the duct to lead ventilation air into the detector head. In this way, the requirements for good fire protection can be complied with air speeds of 0.2 to 20 m/s. At lower air speeds, an auxiliary fan must be used. A metal reed/plastic strip is fitted for visual indication of flow through a duct detector.