Monitoring system FENIX2

FENIX is the next generation system for monitoring fire dampers.

Quick facts

  • For monitoring up to 2 fire dampers
  • Also manages 0-10 V (regulating) fire dampers
  • Dynamic troubleshooting screens on the interactive touch display with action proposals for each potential fault
  • Automatic detection of connected dampers and smoke detector circuits
  • Selectable language Swedish/English
  • Modbus TCP / BACnet IP

System description

FENIX is the next generation system for monitoring fire dampers. FENIX2 can manage 1–2 dampers, both ON/OFF 24 V dampers and regulating 0-10 V dampers. The modern display constantly displays an intuitive and straightforward screen that is very easy to understand, a very important function to increase the simplicity and management of such an important function as fire monitoring.

FENIX2 is fully backward compatible with our older generations of controllers, which means that existing cabling and dampers can be used for ROT projects.

The carefully prepared designed of FENIX2 results in many small values for the user. Diagonal placement of the cables glands for cables, flashing icons to facilitate for those with colour blindness, and small descriptive help texts on each page of the display are just a few examples of how refined and adapted FENIX2 is for maximised user-friendliness.




Room detector


Duct detector