Circular constant pressure holding device BVAP-1

Quick facts

  • Sizes Ø100 mm to Ø630 mm
  • Pressure sensor area 30-100 Pa, 90-300 Pa or 180-600 Pa
  • Precalibrated from factory


BVAP is an electronic device for maintaining constant pressure in all types of ventilation plants. BVAP consists of damper part, actuator and static pressure sensor.


The BVAP is calibrated prior to delivery from the factory. Nominal pressure is 100 Pa, 300 Pa or 600 Pa depending on the measuring range of the pressure sensor. The desired value is set with the regulator’s potentiometers between 30-100% of nominal pressure. The desired value can also be set remotely with a 2-10V signal from the BMS, for example. The device can be mechanically operated for a range of operational alternatives.



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