Combination cowl BRKD is a combined intake air and exhaust air cowl for use in comfort and industrial systems. The intake air and exhaust air sections are separated inside the cowl by a partition. The exhaust air side is equipped with internal water deflector which mitigates water ingress when the extractor fan is not in operation. In order to prevent the transfer of exhaust air to the intake air the combination cowl has a design feature allowing the exhaust air to rise straight up at increased speed. The intake air is taken in on the lower edge of the intake air section. The intake opening is covered with an insect-proof wire mesh.

  • Sizes from 200 mm to 2000 mm
  • Suitable for Roof inlet BRTG or BRTF
  • Eyebolts can be supplied as accessories
  • Galvanized sheet steel as standard
  • The cowl can be customized
  • Can also be designed solely for exhaust air and in intake air



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