Bevent Rasch plugin for MagiCAD

The Bevent Rasch plugin for AutoCAD software implements the Dimensio software’s innovative functions directly in MagiCAD. In a single plugin, users are provided time-saving functions that facilitate not only dimensioning and documentation, but handling of products for those planning systems involving cowls and duct silencers.

Cowls and roof inlets

Bevent Rasch facilitates your work as a planning manager; when using our plugin, a combination cowl can be imported together with a roof inlet, for example, without the complexities that normally arise when working with combination products in MagiCAD.

The cowl and roof inlet are imported as separate products but are treated as one object, allowing the package to be rotated and moved as desired.

  • Combination cowls can be imported as combination products with two separate duct connections for connection of both intake and exhaust
  • Roof inlets are treated as separate products, with a duct connection at the bottom instead of being imported as a duct product
  • Pressure drop and sound data for the entire object for correct calculation
  • Clear, straightforward overview of recommended cowls directly in MagiCAD
  • Easier handling of imported products
  • Printing of dimensioning results directly in the plugin
  • Automatically generated AMA texts

Duct silencers

All duct silencers in our range can be dimensioned in and imported into MagiCAD. When importing a product, the fields for air flow, duct size, and noise level are filled in automatically when the duct is selected. Naturally, and just as in the Dimensio software, the Bevent Rasch plugin recommends which duct silencers are best in a given scenario.

  • Clear, straightforward overview of recommended duct silencers directly in MagiCAD
  • Allows direct comparisons between rectangular straight and elbow duct silencers
  • Even shorter lead times during projecting
  • Printing of dimensioning results directly in the plugin
  • Automatically generated AMA texts

The Bevent Rasch plugin is compatible with the following versions of MagiCAD and AutoCAD:

  • MagiCAD 2019 and AutoCAD 2016–2019
  • MagiCAD 2020 and AutoCAD 2016–2020

For more information regarding the Bevent Rasch plugin, follow the link below.

» Download the Bevent Rasch plugin for cowls and duct silencers «