Bevent Rasch operations


Bevent Rasch is a leading manufacturer of ventilation products for the Swedish market and collaborates with companies in the export market. We have a clear ambition to be at the forefront when it comes to our core values: Technology, Quality and Support.

By technology we mean that our products shall be at the forefront of development and deliver added value to consultants, contractors and end users. This can encompass clear and easily implemented planning material, innovative solutions or a simple and safe installation process for our products.

How the products work once installed is an important indicator for us. When you choose Bevent Rasch, everything shall run smoothly from planning to operation. We refuse to compromise on quality, whether it concerns products, deliveries or other operations. This bodes well for our products working reliably for a long time.

The development and manufacture of our products takes place at our sister company Rasch in Motala.

We have access to modern production machinery with the latest technology and extensive knowledge of the manufacture of ventilation products. Our production system is flexible and allows for rapid changeovers between larger production series and individual custom product runs.

Bevent Rasch and Rasch comprise the ventilation division of the Hydria Invest group.

We strive to maintain high levels in both the technology of our products and the expertise of our personnel. Our technical support is run by our sales offices in Stockholm and Borås. They can help customers and consultants with issues concerning our products and systems.

Our back office in Borås ensures that we have high availability and provides rapid, concrete responses regarding orders, deliveries and enquiries.

Did you know that:

– The first system for manoeuvring and monitoring fire and smoke dampers, the MRB system developed by Rasch in Motala 20 years ago, is still a requirement in Sweden.

– Bevent Rasch was the originator of and forerunner in pressure classes for dampers, which were also introduced in the most recent HVAC recommendations in Sweden (VVS AMA) and are the norm today.

– Today’s popular combi hood was developed by Rasch 20 years ago.

– Four years ago, Bevent Rasch developed the first compact, circular fire/smoke damper with low weight and integrated installation components.



With our core values Technology, Quality and Support in mind, we develop, market and sell ventilation products manufactured by Rasch AB. Through continual improvements, we meet market needs and build long-term relations with our customers. Acting in a changing market demands innovative product development and knowledgeable personnel. Our quality assurance work comprises the basis for achieving our core values.

We shall:

– Keep up to date with applicable laws and regulations and ensure our compliance with them.

– Stay informed about advances in research and development in our field. These obligations, which are also related to the company’s environmental performance, are considered the minimum level to achieve.

– Strive to develop, produce and sell HVAC goods and services in such a way as to promote environmental sustainability.

– Maintain a dialogue with all stakeholders in order to always be well informed about relevant environmental conditions.

– Strive to maintain good working environments at our workplaces.

– Strive to be fully aware of our stakeholders’ requirements and expectations and to fulfil them better than the competition so that our customers can always have great confidence in our ability.

– Strive to make every assignment a recommendation for future business.


We are certified in accordance with SS-EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004.