In November, we began installing an automatic bending machine from Prima Power – the first part of Bevent Rasch’s largest ever machine investment. Production recently commenced using the new machine, after months of planning, moving, and reinforcement of the floor.

In Spring 2019, Rasch ordered a punching machine, an automatic bending machine, and an automated material handling system from Prima Power. These will be used in the manufacturing facility in Motala, Sweden, and are an investment of 30 million SEK that will double the total punching capacity and significantly improve our ability to produce bent components.

– This new equipment means development in many important areas that are connected to our vision of computerisation, environmental improvements, capacity increases, and future expansions, Anders Wolving, production site manager at Rasch, says.

The automatic bending machine was delivered in November with the help of four lorries.

– We had to drive a mobile crane all the way to Motala from Linköping – the core part of the machine weighs 27 tons! We have reinforced the floor and recast it to handle the increased weight. We have also had personnel from Italy working with the installation for several weeks, as the first part came from Italy.

The staff have received training in how to use the new machine and the Power Processing software, a control and optimisation package that Anders describes as “revolutionary”. Martin Hjalmarsson, who is a computerisation project manager at the Hydria Group, has been involved in the preparations and process of integrating the new software and existing business system, Garp.

– We have worked in stages and examined which demands suppliers have in order to determine the types of data we need to transfer, and are now in the process of forming a bridge between Garp and Power Processing. This way, we will minimise paper and machine handling and achieve better traceability by supporting our operations and production processes. These are merely the short-term advantages; if we look at the long term, we have a great tool for automating our workflow further through parametrisation, for example. Not all companies have come so far as to be able to match our working methods!

Recently, work began on further reinforcing the floor where the automated material handling system, a so-called ‘Night Train’, will be placed, and installation will continue until Week 26 of 2020, when the entirety of the new machine park will become operational.

– Our greatest challenge is maintaining full-speed production at the same time as our preparations and installation take place. We have put much time into production planning and detailed time plans so as to avoid any interruptions to deliveries to our clients, and so far have been very successful!