On January 11, Anders Freyschuss will become the new Managing Director of Bevent Rasch and Rasch, and continue the ongoing work on developing the companies from a long-term, sustainable perspective. Anders will replace Per-Magnus Magnusson, who will continue working with technology development and export at both companies.

Bevent Rasch and Rasch have been developing in a positive manner for many years. This development has been characterised by constant innovation, product development, and high quality, as well as large investments in automation and production. These have made Bevent Rasch and Rasch market-leading suppliers of ventilation products in Sweden. Anders Freyschuss has been recruited to continue the strategic development of the companies and ensure that Bevent Rasch is still our clients’ first choice for smart ventilation solutions.
– By expanding the competences of the companies, we look forward to an exciting period of large investments that will help our clients to deliver excellent indoor climates, Tor-Björn Danielsson, Managing Director of the Hydria Group, says.

Anders Freyschuss has extensive experience of managing ventilation companies that perform their product development and manufacturing in Sweden. He worked at ABB Ventilation Products AB for seven years and Camfil for 24, was Chairman of the Board of the Svensk Ventilation (‘Swedish Ventilation’) trade organisation and Eurovent, and has been a member of the Board of Bevent Rasch and Rasch since 2019. Together with the management, Anders will continue development and contribute his knowledge and energy to the companies.
– Through my work on the Board I have become familiar with the company, and it will be very enjoyable to also become part of the daily operations and contribute to Bevent Rasch’s journey. I believe that Bevent Rasch has great potential for growth and development based on the stable foundation that has been created by everyone at Bevent Rasch over many years – there is an incredible body of knowledge within the companies, Anders says.

The current MD, Per-Magnus Magnusson, will take a new role as part of Bevent Rasch’s management, and will work on developing our retailers with a focus on technology, quality, and support, as well as with technology and product development.