For us, it is important that all of the development and manufacturing of our products takes place in our production facility in Motala While our Borås and Stockholm offices handle sales, all development and manufacturing of our products takes place at our sister company Rasch in Motala, where we have an advanced machine park at our disposal, with the latest technology and extensive knowledge of the manufacture of ventilation products. Our production is flexible, with rapid adjustment between larger series and individual, custom-made products.


Our factory consists of an advanced machine park that we constantly update and invest in in order to maintain the highest technical standards. A large part of our production is automated, and we invest heavily in computerisation and development. All cowls and louvres are delivered in corrosivity category C3; for products for which environmental requirements are higher, we offer the possibility of powder coating using polyester powder.


The lab is used daily to ensure that products that are under development fulfil our own requirements and certain standards, or to perform random testing of CE-marked products. We also have a mobile fan that allows us to perform outdoor testing of flow, density, and pressure drop for larger products. In the fire oven we perform our own testing of our fire dampers before they undergo certification testing, and every year we perform length-of-life testing on a number of dampers.

Powder coating

In the powder-coating facility, which meets the high requirements on environmental impact of the present, many of our products are coated according to clients’ specifications for improved protection. We have over 20 standard colours, and can adapt our coating process to suit specific projects.

Did you know?

  • The first system for function-testing and monitoring fire and smoke dampers, the MRB system developed by Rasch in Motala 20 years ago, is still a requirement in all business premises in Sweden.
  • Bevent Rasch was the originator of and forerunner in pressure classes for dampers, which were also introduced in the most recent HVAC recommendations in Sweden (VVS AMA) and are the norm today.
  • The combination cowls that are so popular today were developed by Rasch 20 years ago.
  • Bevent Rasch developed the first compact, circular fire/smoke damper with low weight and integrated installation components.