Environmental Profile

Bevent Rasch strives to maintain a strong environmental profile through low environmental impact in combination with high-quality products. Through a structured working method and constant improvements, the environmental impacts of factories, products, and services are to be decreased as much as is technologically possible and economically feasible. We achieve this by, among other things, actively identifying and working with the aspects of our services, production, and products that have a significant environmental impact, and in this way improve our environmental performance. Each newly developed product is to have environmentally friendly and sustainability properties that are clearly stated.

Building product declarations (BVD)

For all our products, there are building product declarations that provide instructions regarding how to handle the product during the construction, use, and waste stages, and information on the material content of the product. Building product declarations also contain complete information on the chemical composition of the product to ensure it is assessed and treated according to current legislation.

Environmental impact assessment

Our products are registered on several systems for environmental impact assessment and material constituent analyses, such as SundaHus, Byggvarubedömningen, and The House Product Portal of The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which are used by several large actors and customers.

Solar cells

In connection with our 2019/2020 expansion project, we installed 1,500 square metres of solar cells in order to be as self-sufficient as possible with regard to electricity.

Ground-source heating

In order to heat the entire production facility, which we are currently expanding to a total of 18,000 square metres, we will change to ground-source heating in 2020 in order to decrease our environmental impact. We also heat our facilities by reusing the heat from machines such as the coating oven.


We utilise the services of the local road carrier firm Emanuelssons in Motala as much as possible. The heavy lorries of Emanuelssons run entirely on biodiesel (RME), which is 100% canola seed oil and is fossil-free, renewable, and non-toxic, -carcinogenic, and -flammable. The company is certified according to ISO 14001. For other transportation needs we utilise the services of Schenker, which aims to become world-leading in green logistics.


We work actively to optimise our production processes and make the best possible use of our sheet metal in order to minimise waste. All steel sheet waste is recycled and sorted. We also recycle corrugated cardboard, insulation material, and combustible materials.


We always use coating powder instead of wet paint, and have replaced hazardous chemicals with environmentally friendly alternatives. All of our chemicals are stored in locked chemical-storage units, and we have an agreement with Tekniska verken, which takes care of all of our hazardous waste.


We are certified according to ISOs 9001 and 14001.